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Resort 2014

Resort wear.  A term usually reserved for the affluent customer who were expected to spend the cold winter weeks in warm weather climates. Now those luxury locales, such as, South Beach, The Bahamas and Los Angeles are places of year round living, making resort wear a staple and a pre-cursor to what’s on deck for the upcoming spring.

Here’s a look at what’s trending for resort 2014. These looks are from top level designers and will be interpreted by labels at every price point to bring to the trendy fashionista.

1.  NAUTICAL BY NATURE – Stripes, stripes and more stripes.  Done in classic navy, red and white or bold black & white, you’ll be sure to find stripes that speak to you.


2.  TROUSER ROLES – Put away your skinny’s for now and embrace the new easy, billowy pant that emerged for spring.  Done with pleats, higher waists (look great with the new crop tops) softer fabrics prevail.


3.  CROCHET – No we’re not talking about your grandmother’s doily, but a new modern take on the open weave work that always comes out for spring.


4.  FRESH CROP – It’s a modern, tasteful version of the 80′s midriff baring tops.  Pair this bold look with a higher waisted pant or skirt.


5.  PER-SUEDED – Leather was hot for fall, now it’s softer cousin, suede is what’s trending for resort/spring.  Looks fresh in vibrant colors.


6. TROPICAL PUNCH -  Much more then the standard Hawaiin florals.  Designers have created strong, bold botanicals to get us in the mood for tropical breezes.


7.  DENIM “LITE” – The ripped, shredded novelty denim is done for now.  Enter a sophisticated, light washed denim look for spring.  Especially love this look with white.


GET THE PARTY STARTED -How to Decipher Dress Codes


How to Decipher Dress Codes


Holiday season is rapidly approaching and the invitations are pouring in.  You open one up and it states the dress code is “Informally Fabulous”.  How do you figure that one out?

We’re here to help you break down the “codes” and give you examples of what all these ambiguous dress regulations mean.

BLACK TIE OPTIONAL - (AKA – Creative Black Tie)

This calls for dignified glamour.  Rich color, luxe fabrics.  Cocktail dresses with interesting detail or modern long & flowing dresses that are not over the top.

FESTIVE ATTIRE – (AKA – Holiday Chic)

Think fun, playful, bold color.  Show off one body part that you love, legs, shoulders, cleavage.  Key word is ONE.  Keep it sophisticated and fun.

COCKTAIL - (AKA – Dress to Kill)

Elegant and modern are the key to this look.  Focus on one item to stand out.  If the dress is simple, go for more glam with your shoes and accessories and vice a versa.

CASUAL CHIC – (AKA – Informally Fabulous)

Mix a dressy element with jeans.  A feminine top with ruffles, sparkle with an edgier bottom, perhaps in leather.

BUSINESS ATTIRE – (AKA – Holiday Office Party)

Glam up a suit or sheath dress with a bit of sparkle & shine.  Be professional and overtly sexy.


Just remember to dress for comfort and don’t worry if you’re slightly overdressed.  Embrace the meaning of the holidays, which is gathering with friends and loved ones and sharing good times.